James Corden: The flight cabin I shared with William and Kate was bigger than my first flat

"My first thought was, 'if this plane goes down, I’m not getting a mention'," joked The Wrong Mans star


Gavin and Stacey star James Corden has revealed that he shared a cabin with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a recent flight home from New York— and that it made him question just how famous he really is…  


My first thought was ‘if this plane goes down, I’m not getting a mention, zero, if anything I’ll be to blame for the overload’.  

Corden joked on tonight’s episode of The Jonathan Ross show, that he tried to hitch a ride home after his shared flight with the royals: “I’m looking at this Jaguar and these Range Rovers and I’m thinking ‘ah just give me a lift, you know I’m alright’. As I got my bag I thought ‘technically I can say, I’ve slept with the future King of England, we all slept together, we were all asleep…’”  

The Wrong Mans star, who is the new host of CBS’ The Late Late show, was talking about his new US presenting job. Asked how long his stint on the hugely popular show would last, he replied, “until it gets cancelled!”

“It’s ridiculous, however much it makes no sense to you, it makes less to me, believe me…” he said of nabbing one of the biggest jobs in American entertainment. 

 “I’m really looking forward to it, I’m going to really try my best… It’s gobsmacking to be offered such a show, your own show on American TV. Who am I to pass up such a gift to talk to America every night, try my best to make them smile while they fall asleep…”

Corden added that the time the show airs bothered his father.

“He just couldn’t even compute that people would even make television at such an hour and he just went ‘Well when does it end?’ and I said ‘it ends at half past one’ and he just went ‘Well why don’t you call it ‘The Early Early Show’ rather than The Late Late Show?’.”


The Jonathan Ross show is on tonight (Saturday 13th December) at 10.35 pm on ITV.