Twin Peaks to return in 18 months

Director David Lynch gives his most precise date yet for the return of the cult 90s TV drama, and calls cable television "the new arthouse"

It’s so close you can almost smell the pines: the new series of Twin Peaks is a mere 18 months away.


Director David Lynch said in an interview with Radio 4’s Today programme that he was expecting to have the series ready in “a year and a half”.

That means the new episodes should land in summer 2016 on American television, although there is no word yet on when it will cross the Atlantic.

“I know now I’m going to do nine episodes of Twin Peaks,” Lynch said. “That’s the next thing.

“All these things now are top secret,” he said. “You’ll see some results in a year and a half I hope.”

The nine new episodes are being made by American channel Showtime, and are set 25 years after the series two finale (the show went off air in 1991).

Lynch has been nominated for a best director Oscar three times, but told Radio 4 that he felt television now offered more creative freedom than film.

“The film business as you know has changed,” he said. “The arthouses have gone. It’s a sad time for alternative cinema, but the new arthouse is cable television. Different kind of ideas, non-summer blockbuster-type films are ending up on cable television.”


A number of cryptic tweets from Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost hinted that the surreal TV drama would be coming back. The video above, featuring murdered beauty queen Lara Palmer (Sheryl Lee) snapping her fingers at the camera, confirmed Twin Peaks’s return, 25 years after the original series ended.

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