Star Wars: which of these are genuine character names?

We've learned the names of some new Episode VII characters - but could you pick these real Star Wars characters from the franchise out of a line-up?

JJ Abrams has announced the names of several characters in the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, and we’re pretty excited to find out more about them over the next year as the film approaches.


Of course, the Star Wars series has always had a knack for coming up with some pretty sweet monikers for its characters – though you get the odd Owen, Ben or Luke for the most part you can enjoy the glory of a Grand Moff Tarkin, a Mace Windu or an Admiral Ackbar.

But just how well have these original Star Wars names stood the test of time – and how do they stand up against the new crop? Do you know your Porkins from your IG-88? Or would you be a social pariah for forgetting Aunt Beru’s name at a Tatooine barbecue?


Take our fiendish quiz below to see if you can separate the real names from ones we’ve made up – or whether it’s back to the Alderaan address book for you.