McDonald’s: The Movie planned

Saving Mr Banks director John Lee Hancock is allegedly in talks to helm the Social Network-style biopic

It’s a drive-through match made in heaven: McDonald’s and the movies.


Yes, according to the Hollywood Reporter, The Blind Side director John Lee Hancock is in negotiations to direct a film about the early years of the fast food chain, to be called The Founder.

Written by Robert Siegel, the script is apparently in the style of The Social Network and (slightly implausibly) There Will Be Blood, following the story of Illinois salesman Ray Kroc as he turned a small burger operation into a world-conquering chain in the 1950s.

Joining McDonald’s in 1954, Kroc muscled out original founders Mac and Dick McDonald after they wouldn’t agree to his expansion plans for their burger restaurant, and his aggressive business tactics became legendary in the industry.


If the films takes off, we could have a spate of food-based biopics on our hands. Personally, I can’t wait for the stirring tale of Mr Kipling: one man for whom good was never enough…