Cheryl backs Fleur East for X Factor win (after much prompting)

X Factor judge Cheryl gives Fleur her backing but insists she could make a case for all three finalists winning this weekend

After much deliberation Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has given her backing to X Factor finalist Fleur East this year.


“I really think you can make an argument for all of them and I’m not just ducking the question, because if I had one person I would say it,” Cheryl said at yesterday’s press conference when asked who she thought would win.

When pushed again, Cheryl insisted, “I think you could make a good, valid argument for each person, they’ve all got their own thing.”

Clearly wanting Cheryl to commit to one of his acts – Fleur East and Ben Haenow – Simon Cowell interjected, saying that if she didn’t answer he was going to get “seriously injured on a jet ski in Barbados.” Interesting tactic.

“Stop it,” Cheryl responded before explaining her dilemma. “Obviously Andrea’s our male diva and he’s going to kill it with the vocal. We’ve got Fleur, I don’t think in any series I’ve been in we’ve had someone who does everything: sing, dance, rap, you know the whole shenanigans. Then you’ve got the little heartthrob Ben who I think the ladies will be voting for, with the gravely voice and his image.”

This still wasn’t enough for Cowell who coughed out “answer the question”. Cheryl eventually added: “I do think you could make a valid point for all of them, but I’ve always had the girls, so I’m going to go for the one remaining girl, Fleur.”


The X Factor final takes place this weekend at 8:30pm on Saturday and 8:00pm on Sunday on ITV