Ricky Gervais switches lips with Jimmy Fallon and the results are hilarious…

The Derek creator's latest appearance on The Tonight Show was as strange as it sounds

Word Sneak, Box of Lies, now Lip Flip. That Jimmy Fallon is a dab hand at coaxing his celebrity guests into playing wacky games…


This week on The Tonight Show it was the turn of Derek creator Ricky Gervais, who Fallon challenged to flip his lip. As Gervais and Fallon looked directly into the camera, the power of technology swapped a section of their faces, cleverly matching up their mouths.

It was perfect for some festive silliness, from Fallon making Gervais cry like a baby and lick his lips with creepy abandon to Fallon revealing some rather intimate truths. Oh, and the pair of them also sing Little Drummer Boy. Because, why not?

Believe it or not, these weren’t the only shenanigans Ricky got up to on Jimmy’s sofa. The Brit also revealed how he once pretended to kidnap – yes, KIDNAP – his mum…

“We went to Bingo, right. It was me, my mum, my brother, sister… At the end all the people were coming out and we just grabbed her and started putting her into the boot of the car and she was screaming, right, and NO ONE helped! People just looked the other way,” said Gervais.


Derek returns to Channel 4 for a Christmas special on Monday 22nd December