Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

15-19 December: Nate and Brax set off to rescue VJ when they hear that he has been abandoned in the bush

Monday 15 December


As Brax works himself into the ground to try to save Caseyʼs gym, Ricky suggests offering Andy a management role. Maddy goes to the gym late at night in order to amend the books following her theft from the till. When Brax spots her on the way out and becomes suspicious, her conscience begins to gnaw at her. Leah manages to get Tyson to admit that he and his friends kidnapped VJ – but when he reveals that he should have been home some time ago, her anger turns to fear. 

Tuesday 16 December

When Andy discovers the discrepancy in the accounts at the gym, Maddyʼs secret is out and she begs him to keep it to himself. Josh and Evelyn tentatively spend the day together on an art excursion, but he becomes jealous when he sees her talking to the tutor. Nate and Brax learn that VJ has been tied up in the bush. Discovering him at the bottom of a cliff, Nate heads down it but slips and impales himself, leaving Brax with an even bigger problem. 

Wednesday 17 December

Brax follows Nateʼs first aid instructions in order to stabilise VJ, but it is clear that Nateʼs injuries are more serious. Brax pushes himself out of his comfort zone, making small talk to try to keep Nate awake. With VJʼs help, he gets Nate back to the car and then to hospital. Josh wins over Evelyn by sketching her portrait and Denny returns Caseyʼs ring to Ricky, hoping that the gesture will help her to move on. 

Thursday 18 December

Spencer is excited about the upcoming visit from his online date. Chris, however, has a feeling that it is too good to be true – especially when a friendly stranger named Keith seems too conveniently placed to offer support when Spencer is stood up at the rendezvous point. Gray brings Mattʼs sister Ellie to visit but also drives a wedge between his son and Sasha by insisting that she is controlling him. Denny asks Ricky for surfing lessons as a tribute to Casey. 

Friday 19 December


John and Marilyn sign the adoption papers and officially welcome Jett into their family. Phoebe tells Kyle that she is moving back to Melbourne to concentrate on her music and he organises an open mic night in the hope of changing her mind. Matt performs at the event, but his happiness is short-lived as Gray is arrested for taking Ellie without her carerʼs permission. Chris realises that Spencer is in real danger as he leaves to meet his ʻdateʼ.