Transformers 4 vies for Best Picture Oscars nomination

The Michael Bay movie was also suggested by its studio for best director, best adapted screenplay and several technical awards

While hugely successful financially, Michael Bay’s four-part Transformers franchise (which sees alien robots turn into expensive cars then back into robots to fight other evil robots) has never wowed the critics.


The films have been described as “…a horrible experience of unbearable length,” by the late veteran critic Roger Ebert, who also suggested that instead of watching the CGI epics viewers could “go into the kitchen, cue up a male choir singing the music of hell, and get a kid to start banging pots and pans together. Then close your eyes and use your imagination.” And his weren’t even the worst reviews.

However, the film’s producers Paramount clearly feel that could all change with this year’s Transformers: Age of Extinction – so much so that they’re lobbying for Oscar nominations.

While the robots in disguise have picked up the odd nomination for visual effects in years, Paramount’s official “For Your Consideration” page (which can be viewed here) is seeking votes for the film to be considered for Best Picture, Best Director (for Michael Bay) and Best Adapted Screenplay.

The advert is aimed at members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who choose the films nominated for the various Academy Awards from campaigns such as this (Paramount has also put forward films including Interstellar, Noah and Hercules for various awards).

Still, don’t necessarily expect to see Transformers triumph over The Imitation Game and Theory of Everything in February – it’s likely Paramount are just trying to make their chances for the technical nominations stronger through association.


Of course, if the Academy do need to assess the worth of Bay’s latest, they could do worse than pay attention to the critique below.