Sherlockology team launch new fansite In the Fleshdom to save the BBC3 zombie drama

The new project aims to provide fans of the Bafta-winning show with a rich offering of insider information and social media interaction

The team behind, the award-winning website dedicated to the BBC1 detective series, have launched their first new project – a fansite aimed at saving Bafta-winning BBC3 zombie drama In the Flesh.

Advertisement is named in recognition of the show’s huge fandom, which threw its weight behind the #SaveInTheFlesh online campaign following the channel’s failure to recommission it for a third series.

The new site aims to recreate the wining formula of Sherlockology, which provides Sherlock fans with behind-the-scenes information, cast and crew interviews and exclusive artwork, and boasts a huge social media following, including over 800,000 Facebook likes and 280,000 Twitter followers.

The site’s creators said they had been waiting for an “exceptional” series that could provide them with “the right project” on which to focus their talents and were convinced they had now found it.

“We’re very excited to be working on a new site and have been looking for the right project for some time now,” said Sherlockology. “Sherlock is an exceptional series and we knew if we were ever to do another site, it would have to be for something that was just as extraordinary.

“In The Flesh is just such a series and ground breaking in so many ways. It deserves its own fansite, as does the hugely dedicated In The Flesh fandom. That’s why we named the site In The Fleshdom – along with a nod to the series creator who happens to be named Dom.”

In the Flesh creator Dominic Mitchell, who won this year’s Best Writer Bafta for the series, shared his support for the launch, saying “I’m absolutely overjoyed that In The Flesh is getting it’s own fansite which will be run by the same fantastic folks behind the phenomenon that is It’s what the wonderful In The Flesh fan base deserves.”

In The Fleshdom’s social media accounts are already live on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Tumblr, sharing unique content, including exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of the series. 

The show’s star Luke Newberry has also been a vocal backer of the campaign to save In the Flesh, which charts the aftermath of a zombie rising.

Newberry plays Kieren Walker, one of numerous PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) sufferers attempted to reintegrate into society, much to the disgust of those who have previously fought against them.

Series two, which picked up the 2104 Bafta for Best Miniseries, left several plot strands unresolved, leaving Newberry and the show’s fans in zombie limbo…



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