Miranda Hart films pilot of “reinvented” Generation Game

The comedian's new entertainment show has "elements" of the Saturday night classic…but will not be called The Generation Game


Miranda Hart is recording a new BBC1 entertainment show pilot.


A senior BBC source has told RadioTimes.com that the show is a “modern hybrid” with “elements” of The Generation Game – the hit Saturday night entertainment which aired between 1971 and 2002. The recording will take place on Friday [December 12th], RadioTimes.com can reveal.

“The point of the pilot is to see how it works in a studio,” said the source. “It is a modern show which at the moment has elements of The Generation Game but isn’t that show. It is a modern reinvention of it and it is still in development so it could all change.”

Hart – the star of the BBC1 sitcom Miranda which will come to an end this Christmas – is a long-standing fan of The Generation Game. Her pilot will not be broadcast and a BBC spokesman was unable to confirm at the time of publication what kind of livery would be on display during the studio recording.

The new show is being made by independent producers King Bert Productions, a company set up by Hart and actor and writer David Walliams.

King Bert was behind a casting advert for the show which asked “for families of all ages and generations to come to the studio for the chance to win some amazing prizes”.

The original Generation Game saw couples from four families compete in challenges for the chance to win as many prizes as they can remember on the conveyor belt.

It originated from a number of shows, with 1960s Dutch entertainment Een van de acht (“One of the Eight”) pioneering the use of the conveyor belt.

Another antecedent was Sunday Night at the London Palladium on ATV, which had a game called Beat the Clock. This show featured married couples competing to win prize money and was hosted by one of the Generation Game’s presenters Bruce Forsyth.

The show’s other hosts were Jim Davidson and Larry Grayson who was known for his “shut that door” catchphrase.

In August, BBC1 controller Charlotte Moore received a Twitter rebuke from Hart after an interview in which Moore said the comedian would front a “modern reinvention of The Generation Game”.

Hart threw the remake into doubt soon after Moore’s interview was published. She tweeted: “Apparently it’s 100 per cent cert I am doing Gen Game. First I’ve heard of it. Mulling some ideas about it might be more accurate.”

She added: “It’s nice to see you’r (sic) thoughts re Gen Game but to reiterate let’s ‘shut that door’ on it for now. It’s one of a few private brainstorms.”

Addressing Hart’s comments at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Moore said the BBC and Hart were “working very closely to see what a new Generation Game would look like”.


A BBC spokeswoman said:  “Miranda is recording this non-broadcast entertainment show for BBC1. It is still work in progress and as yet is untitled, we are still in development with the idea.”