X Factor: How the internet reacted to Michael Bublé’s surprise appearance

Idina Menzel performed on tonight's X Factor results show and her special guest was none other than Mr Christmas himself Michael Bublé. Once the secret was out, this is how fans reacted...


Tonight’s X Factor kept the guests coming as last year’s champion Sam Bailey performed, USA X Factor stars Fifth Harmony rocked out and then Idina Menzel went and surprised us all by bringing Michael Bublé out on stage. 


As if the woman hasn’t given us enough by being the voice behind that Frozen song Let It Go, she popped in to sing Baby It’s Cold Outside, before welcoming Mr Christmas himself, Bublé to the stage with her. 

Quite the pairing, eh?

It was certainly a welcome break from the results tension, with the final spot still up for grabs at this stage. Here’s how it went down on Twitter…

I hear you…

Is he Santa..?

What’s a few forgotten lyrics between friends?

Eyes were on the judging panel…

Others back on Bubbles

Not very festive, but you know, on the money


Best. Plan. Ever