New Doctor Who Christmas special pictures reveal first proper look at cast

Natalie Gumede, Faye Marsay, Maureen Beattie and Michael Troughton star in new pictures from Last Christmas


Thanks to his surprise cameo at the end of series eight, and a clip during this year’s Children in Need, we’ve already been given a good look at Nick Frost as Santa Claus in the Doctor Who Christmas special, but all we’ve seen of its other cast members are a few brief frames of the Last Christmas trailer


Well, now we finally have a few new photos which gives us an up-close look at guest stars such as Natalie Gumede, Faye Marsay, Maureen Beattie and Michael Troughton, son of second Doctor Patrick Troughton. All of whom are said to be playing scientists who are under siege from monsters at the North Pole.

There’s also a haul of new pictures of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, Jenna Coleman’s Clara and…

… Santa’s elves, played by Misfit’s Nathan McMullen (left) and Dan Starkey (right), who fans might know better as Sontaran Commander Strax. 

Here’s Natalie Gumede, wearing what seems to be the standard uniform for these North Pole scientists, as you’ll see from the next three pictures of… 

Faye Marsay.

Maureen Beattie. 

And Michael Troughton, looking a bit shocked. 

Maybe he had lost his favourite croissant? 

Here’s Beattie standing in front of lots of technical gizmos. 

A picture of Clara wearing a dressing gown, if you’re into that sort of thing… 

And here she is in her nightie with a Christmas tree in the background. More excitingly, however, is the cameo from the Downton Abbey water bottle!


And finally, here are McMullen and Starkey again looking rather annoyed, presumably at their agents.