Christmas gift ideas for Doctor Who fans

Thrill the Whovian in your life this Christmas whether they prefer dressing down, dressing up or flying their own Tardis...

You may not have noticed but at we quite like Doctor Who, and if you’re reading this then it’s likely that you or someone you care about has also been affected by the adventures of a mad man in a box.


So with Christmas coming up, we’ve put together our top 10 list for the Who aficionado. Allons-y!

Keep track of time (and space)

It wouldn’t be a Doctor Who gift guide without some time-related gifts. Ok, a calendar isn’t as exciting as a Vortex manipulator, but you can definitely use it to count down the days until series nine…

From £11.99. Buy here

Tea for Who

Mugs and teapots shaped like the Tardis are old hat. Nowadays, tea-drinking Doctor Who fans (aka most of the English) can make their brew from more stylish receptacles like this full tea set.

Sold separately; from £8.99. Buy here 

Get a mini-Capaldi in your life

A new Doctor means new figurines, so this year you can pick up a teeny-tiny Twelfth Doctor to put in your Whovian’s stocking. With two versions of the 3.75 inch figure (one in his regenerated clothes) you’ll have your pick of Time Lords for your loved one – but sadly, it doesn’t come with detachable attack eyebrows…

From £12.99. Buy here

Wrap up warm like a Time Lord

An obvious addition to any Time Lord’s wardrobe, the Tom Baker-esque scarf will keep you cosy through the ravages of space and time (and trip up your enemies). But what about the more sedate fan? Never fear – a darker Tardis-adorned offering adds subtler flair.

From £36.99. Buy here

Fly a time machine

Ever wanted to fly the Tardis but didn’t have the time/money/billions of years of alien technology to do it? Not to worry – this remote-control helicopter-cum-box will see your very own Type 40 TT capsule zooming through the air.

From £27.99. Buy here

Bow ties are cool

Matt Smith may have disappeared from our screens last Christmas, but his snazzy addition to the wardrobe of any self-regarding Doctor Who fan still lingers in our cultural memory. Spruce up your festive wardrobe with a choice of his dickie bows.

From £21.99. Buy here

Dress up while dressing down

You know what’s passé? The Tardis-onesie. Been there, spent many a Doctor Who marathon in that. These days, it’s all about going big with your dressing gown, in the purest Tardis blue (hooded) or Matt Smith’s tweed.

From £22.99. Buy here

Hit the books

For Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary last year, 11 short stories were written by 11 prominent authors (including Neil Gaiman, Eoin Colfer and Charlie Higson) for each incarnation of the Doctor. Of course, now we have a new Doctor, so we need another story.

Happily, Holly Black has obliged and her new story Light’s Out is included in this new collected edition, which also contains stylised postcards of each Doctor’s costume.

From £14.99. Buy here

Feed the birds

Any Whovian worth their salt has versions of the Tardis scattered throughout their house by now – but what about the garden? This bird feeder makes sure that even the animals in the bushes know where your sci-fi loyalties lie.

From £19.99. Buy here

Of course, you could just buy the DVD…

Don’t worry about the wait for series nine – take a look back at Peter Capaldi’s debut series, as well as special extras. It’ll pass the time in a flash.

From £34.99. Buy here


Doctor Who: Last Christmas is on BBC1 on Christmas Day