Adam Corbally’s Apprentice verdict on skeleton-gate: I’m on Lord Sugar’s side

The former candidate backs the boss's decision to disallow Team Tenacity’s self-assembly skeleton, but says they should have only suffered the missing product fine


After this week’s episode of The Apprentice there was one word on everyone’s lips: skeleton. The candidates had spent the whole day running around London in search of items on a shopping list, which they had to buy at the best possible price. Getting a poor deal could lose the task, as could the possibility of earning missing product and lateness fines. But it was a human skeleton that caused all the drama in the boardroom.


Team Summit arrived with Stevie, a free-standing skeleton with a £230 price tag. Team Tenacity (after a brainwave from Felipe) offered up a £14 flat pack, paper skeleton, which required self-assembly.

It was disallowed by Lord Sugar, who said someone was just trying to be “clever” for claiming it fit the brief.

“This skeleton is not allowed,” Lord Sugar asserted. “Based on the guide price and the fines, stick another £310 quid on that [total],” he told aide Nick Hewer, meaning Tenacity switched from comfortably winning the task to losing.

While our overnight poll found that 89% of readers thought Lord Sugar should have given the product the green light, former candidate Adam Corbally is on Lord Sugar’s side. “I would have taken it out to the car park and set it on fire,” he tells of the paper skeleton. “You can’t cut corners in business.

“If someone asked you to help set up at a Halloween party by bringing a skeleton to put in the corner, you wouldn’t turn up with that.

“In real life you wouldn’t have accepted that,” he laughs.

Although, Corbally does think the skeleton should have been treated as a standard missing product.

“I would have just treated it as they didn’t get it. Fair’s fair, they should have just got the normal fine,” Corbally says.

This would presumably have earned them the same £52 fine they suffered for submitting the wrong length of old rope, which would have let Tenacity retain their victory.

It was “annoying” they lost, Corbally notes, having pulled together and worked well as a team.

Alas, it wasn’t to be and it was the end of the road for Felipe who told us he “argued for hours” with Lord Sugar about the technicalities. Read the full interview here.


The Apprentice continues Wednesday at 9:00pm on BBC1