Suicide Squad film cast includes Jared Leto, Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie

The supervillain team-up movie gets some huge stars... and a brand new Joker

Watch out Superman and Batman. Suicide Squad, the supervillain team-up movie, is looking pretty powerful. At least in terms of star-power.


Warner Brothers has just confirmed the cast for the forthcoming Dirty Dozen riff, which sees well-known supervillains drafted into government service and forced to undertake the most dangerous and downright suicidal missions out there. In the comics, most adventures feature at least a few fatalities and turnover on the team is high. If they refuse to co-operate, their heads explode.

Risking their necks in 2016 will be…

Jared Leto as The Joker

The singer/songwriter/actor/director will be the latest to step into the Clown Prince of Crime’s spats. Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight is still fresh in people’s minds, so it will be interesting to see what fresh spin Leto brings to the role. Plus: how can you possibly have Joker without a cameo from Batman? It would be great to see how the knave of knives plays off Ben Affleck’s new Batman. 

Will Smith as Deadshot

The Hollywood hitmaker takes on the man who never misses. An expert marksman with a cybernetic eye, Floyd ‘Deadshot’ Lawton is a hardbitten assassin who doesn’t blink when it comes to dispatching his targets. Nevertheless, he often serves as the de-facto leader and antihero of the Suicide Squad. He’s the best of a very, very bad lot.

Tom Hardy as Rick Flag

Now this is a bit confusing. Hardy played the villain Bane in Christian Bale’s last Batman movie. Now he’s co-starring in a DC supervillain flick…as a good guy. Rick Flag is the square-jawed soldier placed on the Suicide Squad by the government to keep the baddies in line. Officially Flag is in charge, but he’s often shown competing with Deadshot (above) for leader of the pack. You can’t deal with scum without getting your hands dirty…

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie has found a group of people more despicable than stockmarket traders. The star of the Wolf of Wall Street will play Harley Quinn, the Joker’s psychotically doting girlfriend. Harleen Quinzel (no really) used to be the clown’s prison psychiatrist, before falling for his charms and losing her mind. Originating on the 1990s Batman cartoon series, Quinn was so popular she was later brought into the main comic book universe. She’s a stronger character than the bio and creepy fan-art implies, and it will be great to see Robbie go wild.

Jai Courtney as Boomerang

In the comics, George Harkness is known as ‘Captain’ Boomerang, but the title seems to have been dropped. Boomerang throws boomerangs really, really accurately. He’s Australian, because of course he is. Despite everything about Boomerang seeming naff, he’s one of the most cunning drongos around, and a fan favourite to boot. Jai Courtney, who is also starring in the upcoming Terminator: Genisys, had better get working on that throwing arm.

Cara Delevingne as Enchantress

A magic user whose power means she occasionally goes mad and turns villainous, June ‘Enchantress’ Moone is probably the least well known character on this list. SPOILER WARNING: in Suicide Squad, that usually means you’re going to get killed before page 5. That would be a shame, since the casting of English model and actress Cara Delevingne looks absolutely perfect.

Still unannounced is the vital character of Amanda ‘The Wall’ Waller, the government overseer of the Suicide Squad: Warner Bros are eyeing up Oprah Winfrey for the role, according to Variety.


There is also talk that Jesse Eisenberg might reprise his role as Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor, after making his debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in March 2016. Suicide Squad is scheduled for release August 5th 2016.

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