Stephen Hawking, Julie Walters, Russell Brand, Sean Connery and other wannabe Bond villains…

Who wouldn't want to be in an epic face-off with with super-spy 007?

Since Professor Stephen Hawking revealed his ideal role would be “a baddie in a James Bond film”, we’ve discovered it’s not only the world-famous physicist who fancies a battle with Bond. There’s a whole host of other famous folks who reckon they’ve got what it takes…


Julie Walters 

What sort of baddie? OTT panto-style

 “I’d adore to do a Bond villain. Really ham it up and give an outrageous performance. Maybe someone like Rosa Klebb with the knife in her shoe.

“And I’d get to work with the wonderful Daniel Craig,” she told The Mirror in November this year. “They haven’t written the script yet so I’ve still got time. I want the world to know that this is my dream role and I’ll keep praying it happens”

Russell Brand

What sort of baddie? Psychopathic transvestite 

“No-one would ever believe it [if I was cast as Bond]. I’ve not got that energy,” he told Metro in 2010. “I could be the villain. I could be a psychopathic transvestite but I wouldn’t want to contribute to negative stereotypes against transvestites.

“So maybe a sympathic one – a decent human who is flawed but essentially just a great guy or guy in girl’s gear with great taste in women’s lingerie and frocks.” 

Sean Connery

Yes, 007 himself wants to come back in an epic face-off with Bond…

What sort of baddie? An expensive one

“I wouldn’t mind coming back as a Bond villain,” he said. “But I don’t think they would pay me enough money.”

John Travolta

What sort of baddie? The Pulp Fiction star hasn’t specified his dream villain but in February told The Telegraph that he was eyeing up a role in Bond 24.

 “They’re going a different way with their villain in this next film. I’ve spoken to [producer] Barbara Broccoli about it and she loves the idea, so that would be great.” 

He certainly boasts the baddie experience but Travolta’s name hasn’t been mentioned in the casting rumours ahead of tomorrow’s official announcement – so he may have to keep practicing his evil stare for Bond 25.

David Haye

What sort of baddie? A villain chanelling Javier Bardem’s Skyfall evil

“A dream role for me would be an evil villain. I’ve always wanted to play the bad guy, so I’d love to be a Bond villain. Javier Bardem was amazing in the last Bond movie. He absolutely stole the show as the most evil guy in the world. He was superb. I’d love to play something like that.”

Well, he’s got the physique to take on Bond. As does the next chap…

Zac Efron

What sort of baddie? An old-fashioned despicable villain with not a hint of teen-idol about him

 “I’m a huge James Bond fan,” Efron said in 2009. “I’d love to be a Bond baddie. I’ve seen pretty much every Bond film. Sean Connery is my favourite and I really like Goldeneye with Pierce Brosnan.”


Tomorrow we’ll find out who succeeded in snapping up the villain role in Bond 24 — and we have a sneaky suspicion it won’t be any of the above.