Apprentice candidate Felipe stands by flat pack skeleton purchase “100%”

“I’ll have to agree to disagree” with Lord Sugar says Felipe, who reveals he argued for hours with the boss of the boardroom

Tonight Felipe was fired from The Apprentice after his decision to buy a flat pack skeleton fell equally flat with Lord Sugar. But he’s sticking by the idea.


“You’re taking the p***,” Lord Sugar scoffed as Team Tenacity returned from this year’s shopping list task with a self-assembly, paper skeleton that cost £14. It fit the brief they argued, saying Lord Sugar had called for a ‘full-sized, anatomical skeleton, minimum 150cm tall’ and made no mention of it needing to be pre-built. Yet Solomon’s ‘Stevie’ skeleton hovered at the end of the boardroom, standing all tall and smug (if a skeleton can be smug) with a value of £230 and the thumbs up from Sugar.

“It matches the description of what he asked for perfectly,” Felipe tells of their paper version, revealing he “argued for hours” with Lord Sugar about the technicalities.

“It was very clear he wasn’t going to change his opinion. I’ll have to agree to disagree with him.

“It was his judgement, it was taken on his decision and his views,” he adds, saying it’s Lord Sugar’s money at the end of the day and it’s up to him who he goes into business with.

“Sometimes you roll the dice. You think, he’s either going to love this and he’ll say ‘It’s a great idea’ or he’ll say ‘What are you trying to do?’”

But Felipe says it was quite a change of mood from the day itself, noting that “for eight hours [he] was branded a genius by all members of the team.”

“Everybody was saying it was a completely genius idea. Daniel said I was brilliant,” he chuckles.

But unlike candidates gone by, Felipe wasn’t ever going to try and pin the blame on Project Manger Daniel, who backed the idea as a way of blasting the competition out of the water. “He was never going to take responsibility and I would never have let him anyway,” says Felipe. “It was something that I decided to do. I made the decision to buy it and I support it 100%.”

Well, he did tell Lord Sugar he was never going to stop being a nice man, didn’t he?


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