The Missing episode six: has Tony Hughes got away with murder?

SPOILER ALERT: both Julien Baptiste and Khalid Ziane are hiding key evidence in BBC1's The Missing, but for very different reasons...

Not even concrete could keep Tony Hughes’s secret guilt from Julien Baptiste, but it appears the world-weary detective is willing to let the tormented father get away with murder.


Tony had managed to hide the murder of Ian Garrett for eight years, but episode six saw his past catch up with him. Julien knew all along that Tony was hiding something, but when the vital evidence emerged from the foundations he chose instead to conceal Tony’s guilt.

“What good can come from sending you to prison?” Julien asked Tony. “You’ve been in a prison even since your son was taken.” Tony’s secret is safe – for now.

Julien wasn’t the only one holding back evidence in episode six.

Instead of going straight to Julien, dodgy copper Khalid Ziane gave a mysterious envelope containing key evidence from the original crime scene to journalist Malik Suri.

“You have 24 hours before I formally check it into evidence, and then we’re finished,” Khalid said. When that limit came and went, Khalid went haywire, first threatening Malik before viciously attacking Julien in the episode climax. What was in the envelope that made Khalid so desperate?

One thing, however, didn’t quite add up in this week’s instalment. At the end of the episode, Julien was sent an envelope by “one of the English journalists”. At first we assumed this was Malik handing in the evidence he’d illegally obtained from Khalid. Khalid then attacked Julien, presumably to cover the fact that he hadn’t been entirely honest with his boss.

There’s just one problem: in the present day Julien was as surprised as anyone to learn from Romanian “cleaner” Karl Sieg that Khalid had found something at the crime scene eight years ago. That leaves open the possibility that the envelope handed to him at the end of the episode wasn’t the same one Khalid gave Malik.


Perhaps we’re dealing with two different envelopes? Or, alternatively, the package went ‘missing’ after Khalid’s attack. Is it too much to wonder whether British detective Mark Walsh snatched the envelope as Julien lay injured? Only time, and hopefully episode seven, will tell…