James Buckley: I don’t know if I’ve come to terms with The Inbetweeners ending

“It is strange doing stuff without them and I genuinely miss them,” says Buckley as he hops from comedy to horror in latest big-screen flick

Yesterday the second The Inbetweeners film was released on DVD, marking the final time James Buckley, Simon Bird, Joe Thomas and Blake Harrison will collaborate as the four hapless youths. Buckley confirms there will be no more, but it’s an end to Jay, Will, Neil and Simon’s story that he admits he’s not fully accepted.


“I don’t know if I’ve sort of come to terms with that yet. The Inbetweeners is the best job, that’s where you have the most fun, because it’s not a job at all,” he tells RadioTimes.com. “We’re very close. We are like a little family, all of us and the writers.

“It is strange doing stuff without them and I genuinely miss them, which makes it all the sadder that The Inbetweeners is over for all of us now.”

The Inbetweeners completed its run earlier this year with a second big-screen outing focused on the lads’ blunder-filled jaunt to Australia. Since then, Buckley has made quite the change, swapping comedy for horror in the upcoming release, The Pyramid, which sees a group of archaeologists try and escape after finding themselves trapped in a cursed – you guessed it – pyramid.

“It was great. It felt like – and this is no disrespect to The Inbetweeners – it felt like I was making a proper film,” Buckley laughs. “When we’re doing The Inbetweeners it’s like mates turning up to just muck about all day long.”

Joining the cast, which includes Ashley Hinshaw (True Blood) and Denis O’Hare (American Horror Story, Dallas Buyer’s Club), was a “no-brainer” he adds. Although, Buckley does miss that ‘Inbetweener’ atmosphere.

“Doing stuff like The Pyramid with, what I like to call proper actors [he adds with a grin], although it’s interesting and it’s a different kind of fun – I learnt a lot and it’s full of people who behave how they should behave on a film set and take the job seriously (as you should do) – I do miss the way we work on The Inbetweeners.”

On whether that meant he had to reign in his on-set antics, Buckley laughs, “I tried to not be so annoying because my favourite thing to do is to wind up the other boys, especially Joe. Obviously if we behaved like we did on any other film set, us four boys, we’d be fired. We’d get the sack. So I did have to try and behave myself.”

Not that Buckley’s character Fitzie, a cameraman who gets caught up in the historical dig gone wrong, is devoid of humour. In fact, director Grégory Levasseur encouraged ad-libbing and improvisation. “It helped me feel a bit more comfortable that I was allowed to make a joke if I could see one,” Buckley explains.

“I think I’ve just got funny bones. That’s always my default mode and my comfort mode. I don’t know why but I try and find the comedy in everything, which is probably going to really stunt me as an actor. But I got to still get a bit serious in this and I’d like to do more of that. I don’t see why not.”


The Pyramid is in cinemas from Friday 5 December