James Blunt: my record label asked me to stop tweeting

Singer tells RadioTimes.com that his bosses signed him up to Twitter – only to find they'd "opened Pandora's box"

Singer James Blunt has told RadioTimes.com that his record label asked him to close his Twitter account after he used the social media platform to hit back at those who attack him.


The You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover singer has delighted fans – and won approval from Ricky Gervais – after he started answering his critics with pithy, witty putdowns.

However, when asked about his tweets by RadioTimes.com, Blunt revealed that he is a reluctant user of Twitter and only started at the request of his record label Atlantic Records – which almost immediately wanted him to stop.

“My record label signed me up to Twitter. It’s not something I would choose to be on because I think it’s remarkable that in this day and age we allow people to voice their opinions as if they were fact, and the fact that people take it seriously is remarkable,” he said.

“My record label wanted me to be on it to market myself and my albums. Then I went on there I saw how people could be quite abusive – not just to me but to everyone online – and I was amazed that I even considered taking it seriously. What happens on Twitter makes the news, you see articles about what people say on Twitter and that is a madness. And [that is] someone’s opinion voiced in their bedroom, feeling confident in their bedroom, probably with their trousers round their ankles while they write five nasty words to someone and yet we give that person the time of day.

“I thought: I am not going to take that seriously; I am going to laugh at them and I am going to laugh at myself. So as soon as I was on Twitter I started doing that. My record label immediately asked me to stop as it opened Pandora’s box.”

His most memorable tweets have included the following response to one tweeter:

 To another he has written:

Another memorable tweet was as follows:

And he often mocks himself as well:

His wit and verve has even attracted the attention of comedian Ricky Gervais who told him:

Blunt was speaking to RadioTimes.com at the Austrian ski resort of Ischgl where he was performing a concert to open the skiing season.


He said he was advised to do the concert by his friend Robbie Williams who performed the season-closing concert in May. Past performers include Elton John (who played in 1995 and 2008) Kylie Minogue, The Scissor Sisters and Bob Dylan.