House of Cards series 3 release date announced

Kevin Spacey will return to Netflix early next year as Frank Underwood


Hail to the Chief, House of Cards series 3 finally has a release date.


Frank Underwood’s inauguration as President of the United States will take place on Friday 27th February 2015. As with previous series all 13 episodes will be uploaded to Netflix at the same time, so expect your co-workers to suddenly come down with a case of bingewatch-itis.

The announcement was made in an eerie 12 second teaser on the programme’s Twitter feed. The silent clip shows Frank (Kevin Spacey) and the new First Lady Macbeth (Robin Wright) climbing the steps to Air Force One, the Boeing jet used to ferry POTUS around the world. Before reaching the top, Frank stops and fixes the viewer with a dead-eyed stare.

Let’s hope there’s room in the overhead compartments: Frank is bringing a whole lot of baggage with him. In the previous series, Underwood managed to worm his way into the Oval Office through lies, manipulation and outright murder.


Not much is known about the plot of the new series, although the top job seems to bring with it a more global scope. Frank has already tangled with corrupt Chinese businessmen, but Russia is rumoured to be the focus of the new episodes. Among the new characters are cameos from members of Pussy Riot, the real-life punk protest group who were arrested in 2012 after criticising the government. Underwood versus Putin. Expect blood in the corridors of the White House.