Emmerdale spoilers: pregnancy surprise for Nicola King

"It’s a massive ego boost for Jimmy to know how good his swimmers are," says actress Nicola Wheeler

Nicola King is to get a surprise next week when – mere weeks after husband Jimmy’s vasectomy reversal – she discovers that she’s expecting a baby.


“She’s absolutely delighted,” says Nicola Wheeler, who plays the pregnant Nicola. “Bernice is with her when she finds out and they’re both giddy with excitement. They tell Jimmy and, of course, he’s excited too. They’ve only had nookie once, so they didn’t expect to get pregnant the first time. So it’s a massive ego boost for Jimmy to know how good his swimmers are.”

Jimmy and Nicola may be excited about the pregnancy but a lonely Bernice can’t help but feel envious. So does Nicola notice that her sister is jealous? “No, she doesn’t,” continues Wheeler. “Nicola is in her own world, so she doesn’t realise that it’s making more Bernice more of the fact that she’s lonely, has no partner and is living in a house with a family that’s about to get bigger. But Bernice is guilty about the way she’s feeling because she wants to be happy for them.”

Pretty soon, Bernice is overcompensating by taking the pregnancy sympathy to extremes. She comes up with a plan to help her and Jimmy understand what Nicola is going through and ends up purchasing fake pregnancy bumps for them to wear. “Let’s just say that there’s an evening coming up when Jimmy has to carry more than just a beer belly. But Nicola does think it’s very sweet of both of them.”

And does the actress relish the prospect of wearing her own fake bump in order to film Nicola’s pregnancy? “Yes,” says the actress. “Because, as we go into winter, we always want bigger clothes on set, so we can get more thermals on underneath. I’ll be warmer on location than ever before!”


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below: