EastEnders spoilers: Peter Beale is accused of dealing drugs to Lucy

Ian's son was left floundering in the wake of tonight's cliffhanger confrontation


Peter Beale (Ben Hardy) was tonight revealed to be the intended recipient of Lucy’s unsent text – a message that was asking her brother for a supply of cocaine.


In the closing seconds of this evening’s episode of EastEnders, Peter was accused by Ian (Adam Woodyatt) of being the late Lucy’s drug dealer. 

“I know, all right. How could you?” Ian scolded. “I found a text on Lucy’s phone. To you. Asking you for cocaine. It was you all along, wasn’t it? You were Lucy’s drug dealer.”

Peter could only gape open-mouthed as his dad fired off the accusation, leaving viewers wondering whether he was guilty or not.

The main part of the episode had seen Peter return from New Zealand and make preparations to ask Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) to marry him. But as friends and family gathered at the Brannings’ house to watch Peter go on bended knee, Ian stormed out and was pursued by his son, only for the showdown over the drugs to happen out on the Square.

Now, in the wake of the accusation, Peter is himself to turn to drugs after falling out with both Ian and Lauren. Despite the best efforts of Jane (Laurie Brett) to mend relations, Peter will end up meeting with a drug dealer and buying cocaine.

The shock storyline comes just as the Beales plan to mark Peter’s 21st birthday with a party at the Albert. Unable to deal with having a celebration without his late sister Lucy being around, Peter slips away and takes the drug, only to be caught by Masood (Nitin Ganatra).

Peter then heads home and bangs on the window, calling out for Ian who sits inside ignoring him. Jane finds Peter and tries to stop him, but in a moment of temper, Peter bangs on the window so hard that it smashes. Will father and son work through their differences as a result of the accident? Or do the fissures within the Beale family now run too deep?


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below: