Christmas gift ideas for travellers

Stuck for last-minute presents? Make exploring even more enjoyable with these clever gadgets and gizmos

1. House of Marley Smile Jamaica


The fabric chord on these good-looking, heavy-duty headphones is a winner. Countless times our headphones have been tangled, damaged or ripped apart while squashed up in a bag somewhere. Hopefully, we’ll never have that problem again. There’s also an added feel-good factor when buying these little buds because they’re made using recycled plastic and proceeds from every pair are donated to the global charity 1Love. Buy them for £29.99 here.  

2. EasyLock

Whether you’re sleeping in a hostel, a cottage or a five-star hotel, you never know who has access to your accommodation. The makers of this new door lock claim to be able to up the level of security in most rooms around the globe, and the little device is light, durable and compact. All you have to do is slip it between the door frame (where the lock is) and it will stop unwanted visitors from getting into your room without permission. Buy one for £24.95 from here.

3. Go Travel Mini Floodlight

The problem with regular torches is that they’re spotlights. Not ideal if you want to be able to see everything going on while camping or when you’re in a haunted house. Meanwhile, the problem with lanterns, which do fill a room with light, is that they’re bulky, use lots of power and don’t fit in your pocket. The answer is this mini pen-sized torch, which boasts a voluminous beam that can illuminate a whole room at the flick of a switch. Just don’t look directly at it (it’s pretty strong). Buy one for £9.99 from here.

4. Looq Selfie Stick

Yes, people wielding selfie sticks are irritating, and it is tempting to ram the thing into their proverbials. But then again, we said that about mobile phones. The truth is this technology will make your life better. You will get better shots of yourself in epic places, especially if you’re travelling alone. Buy one for £30 from here.

5. Star Wars Lightsaber Portable Charger

It’s a gimmick for sci-fi fans that you can not only play with, but also charge things with too. It will power up anything with a USB connection, and will fit snuggly into your hand luggage. An added bonus is the light-up LED at the top, giving you a little torch light too, should you need it. Buy one for £39.99 from here.

6. Radiance Medi-Spa Gift

Long haul flights can sap the moisture out of your skin until it resembles a shrivelled prune, so why not treat the traveller in your life to some plush potions to soothe away the jet lag? The people behind Clinogen Laboratories’ Radiance claim their invention will rebalance all skin types including dry, dehydrated, mature or delicate skins. Apparently, there are botanical ingredients in these bottles that have regenerative properties. It all sounds a bit futuristic to us sceptical folk, so we tried out the anti-ageing crème; we couldn’t tell if our skin had regenerated but it felt pretty marvellous afterwards. Buy a set including cleanser, exfoliant, a five-minute masque and anti-ageing cream for £85, from here.

7. Tech21 Impactology

D30 technology helped to make these phone covers. Apparently, it’s the same stuff used in ski suites and beanies and is made of a kind of putty, which moves and bends until impact, when it turns solid, protecting whatever is on the other side. In this case, it will be your iPhone or Samsung. If you do take your phone abroad, stick one of these on it, and worry less. Buy one for £19.99 from here.

8. Monster iCable

Got a phone charger cable on its last legs? It’s a common occurrence. A lightening connector cable might be just the ticket; it’s got a super-thick, flat cable (to avoid tangling) and was built to last, no matter where you find yourself around the world. Get one for £25 from here.

9. MiLi Visa Power Bank

If you don’t like Star Wars (see product number five above) you may want a more traditional emergency charger. This beauty is about the size of a credit card, making it the thinnest portable charger ever made. You can stick it in your wallet and forget about it. Then, when you need that extra bit of juice for your smartphone, just plug it in for instant power. Buy one for £30 from here.

10. BackBeat® PRO


These are not just headphones; they’re wireless headphones that minimise noise (think: babies crying on flights, chatty work colleagues and noisy neighbours). The battery power is surprisingly decent too – up to 24 hours of continuous use per charge. They will connect to two devices at the same time, in case you fancy playing DJ for the day. Get them for £199 from here.