Star Wars 7 trailer: who was that mysterious voice?

Was it Cumberbatch, Serkis, or someone else entirely? Vote now!

Many a question has been raised by the new Star Wars: Episode VII trailer. Where are the original cast? Why is John Boyega’s character dressed as a stormtrooper? Does Daisy Ridley play Han Solo’s (Harrison Ford) daughter? And wouldn’t a lightsaber with a crossguard made of smaller lightsabers be super-dangerous?


But the biggest enigma is that mysterious voice narrating the trailer – you can have another listen below.

“There’s been an awakening…have you felt it?” asks the voice, before apparently answering himself with “The Dark side….and the Light.”

The first few lines sound an awful lot like Benedict Cumberbatch to us (who has been rumoured to have some sort of role in the film, and has suggested he might be in it himself), but the last line is less conclusive – if anything, it sounds more like Franz Oz (who played Yoda in the previous Star Wars films).

So could it not be Cumberbatch at all? Entertainment website Hitfix seem fairly convinced the voice belongs to Gollum actor Andy Serkis, who’s confirmed to have a part in the film, while others suggest it could be veteran actor Max von Sydow or Girls’ Adam Driver, both rumoured to be playing villainous roles.

For us, the most persuasive theory is that it’s two people speaking – someone (maybe Cumberbatch) asking the question, and then a different character answering – or that they’re two unconnected lines from the film (again by two different actors) which have been spliced together to make a cool trailer.

But that’s just our two cents – what do you think? Will we be seeing Sherlock in a galaxy far, far away or are we way off the mark? Vote now!


Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens will be in cinemas from December 2015