Where can you can watch the new Star Wars trailer?

The force will be with iTunes today...


Last week we reported rumours that we’d soon see a teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And now that time has come.


An 88-second trailer of the new JJ Abrams-directed sequel to George Lucas’ original series will be shown in selected cinemas across the United States today but all is not lost for fans outside America..

Yup, the official iTunes Trailers Twitter account has sent out a message announcing that the Star Wars trailer will also be published today (Friday) on iTunes. Hurrah! Although, no specific time has been given which means we’ll be spending our entire day refreshing the iTunes Trailer page…

So, what can we expect when the new footage finally makes its debut? 

Star Wars director JJ Abrams has already tweeted to say that the teaser will contain just “a tiny peek at what we’re working on” but, according to reports, each of the main characters (including returning stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher) will appear on screen for a moment.

BadDigest reported earlier this month that the teaser would see the music swell to a full orchestral rendition as a female voice says “Wake Up” and finally, the title card – and a quick sight of legendary spaceship the Millennium Falcon, guns blazing and headed straight for the camera.

Not long to go now – we’re very excited.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released in cinemas on 18 December 2015.