Is that Benedict Cumberbatch in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer?

We've listened carefully to the newly released teaser and noticed similarities to a certain Sherlock actor. Smaug, is that you?

The internet has been awash with speculation that Benedict Cumberbatch will be appearing in the new Star Wars film pretty much from the moment the JJ Abrams-directed Episode VII was announced.


And today when the film’s first teaser-trailer was released online, we couldn’t help but notice some familiar vocals speaking over the action. “There has been an awakening – have you felt it?” says the mystery villainous voice at the start of the trailer, before adding, “The dark side – and the light” at the end of the 86-second clip.

Have a listen…

And then compare it with this…

Notice the similarities? It’s uncanny, right?

Now, let’s examine the evidence: rewind back to September 2013 and rumours about Cumberbatch’s involvement were flying around. He already had an in – he’d starred in Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness – and had admitted he was a Star Wars fan when he was little. He claimed he’d yet to be asked, but added he “wouldn’t say no” if an offer came his way.

Then in April this year he rashly dashed our hopes, announcing to Australian website The Iris: “I would’ve liked a part in JJ’s new Star Wars but it won’t happen.”

It was all over – or so we thought… But then the plot thickened once again last month when, appearing on The Graham Norton Show, Cumberbatch revealed he had indeed visited the set of Star Wars at Pinewood Studios.

It was “incredible”, he said, before sheepishly adding: “I probably shouldn’t be saying these things”.

And then came one final nugget of speculation just this month as rumours swirled that the Sherlock actor’s visit to the set had been to film a special cameo for Episode VII. Could this be that very role? We’ve got fingers, toes – everything – crossed.


What do you think? Is that Cumberbatch’s voice given us shudders at the start of the teaser? Is it the same person speaking at the end? Do both snippets sound more like Frank Oz instead? Post your own ramblings in the comments box below… 

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