BitTorrent announce original sci-fi series Children of the Machine

File-sharing site takes on Netflix and Amazon by making own TV show

BitTorrent is best known for letting people share movies, music and TV shows, but now the company is creating its own content: a sci-drama called Children of the Machine.


Due to be released next autumn, the eight-episode series will be free to download with adverts, $4.95 without adverts or $9.95 for a special edition with extra features.

It’s being distributed using the company’s ‘bundles’ feature, previously used for Thom Yorke’s recent solo album.

Set in the year 2031, the sci-fi drama will follow a band of human survivors in an android-dominated society. The trailer shows a young woman writhing around while wearing a VR headset, waxing lyrical about “jolting” – addictive “visual orgasms.”

Producer Marco Weber told AdWeek: “This is a science-fiction show catering to the typical tech-savvy, male-dominated audience. We’re not trying to launch a romantic comedy, so the concept of this show moved us toward BitTorrent.” 

The announcement is seen as an attempt to improve BitTorrent’s image, which has always been marred by critics’ claims that it allows piracy and copyright infringement. It’s the latest in a long line of companies getting into television, including Yahoo and Amazon.