Valencia FC ditches bat logo after challenge from Batman creators DC Comics

The Spanish club has agreed to ditch their redesigned logo after it was deemed too similar to the superhero's insignia

Valencia Football Club have recently had to defend themselves against an unlikely rival: DC Comics.


The club has carried a bat logo on its shirts since 1922 and the American comic book publishers – which owns the rights to Batman – objected to the latest design. That was back in May 2013 and Valencia has now agreed to shelve their bat completely.

The club released a statement, saying there was “no lawsuit, nor any claim by DC Comics against VCF” but that “the new bat design is currently not used – and is not planned for future use – by the club”.

Batman made his DC Comics debut in 1939, but Valencia had begun using the bat symbol on their crest 17 years previously.

Even so, Valencia have decided to pull the planned redesign following the caped crusader’s challenge.

The bat appears on the Spanish city’s coat of arms and dates from its conquest by King James I in the early 13th Century.

There are many stories explaining the origin of the bat, including the tale that a bat woke a sleeping soldier who was supposed to be guarding James I shortly before a surprise attack from the city’s Muslim garrison.

Even the dark knight cannot challenge the existing club logo.


“The official crest and the bat have been trademark registered worldwide and their use has not been subject to any legal challenge,” the club said.