Meet the newest Made in Chelsea cast member… Spencer Matthews’ girlfriend

Kensington's player-in-chief compares Lauren Frazer Hutton to “a unicorn…because she is too good to be true”

Spencer Matthews, Chelsea’s skilled charmer and cheater, is bringing his girlfriend Lauren Frazer Hutton onto the show for episode nine of the current series.


Spencer is said to be completely in love with Lauren, 27, comparing her to “a unicorn…because she is too good to be true” (there’s that charm again…)

Apparently Lauren shares Spencer’s love of partying but manages to balance her busy social life with relaxing hobbies like yoga and meditation – pursuits she’s keen for Spencer to take up. (We imagine the party-loving “boiiis” might have something to say about that…)

She’s also an athlete who quit her dream of becoming a ballet dancer to train as an occupational therapist. Growing up in the Hertfordshire countryside, Lauren now works in Chelsea. 

Reports claim that the pair are smitten with one another, although it seems very unlikely that the arrival of his girlfriend will result in a settled-down, faithful Spencer. His track record speaks for itself… 

With romance blossoming between the pair, you can expect Lauren on your screens in two weeks time. We wish her luck!


Made in Chelsea continues on Mondays at 9pm on E4.