Tim Allen wants more lines for Buzz Lightyear: Hanks gets all the lines!

With Toy Story 4 on the way actor Tim Allen jokes it’s about time Buzz had more to say than “Woody”


Disney Pixar’s Toy Story films may be built around the concept of toys coming to life and talking, but with a fourth film on the way actor Tim Allen thinks it’s about time his space ranger character Buzz Lightyear got a few more lines.


“Tom gets all the lines,” Allen jokes to US chat show host Jimmy Fallon of Tom Hanks’s cowboy character Woody. Adding with mock guilt, “Did that come out?”

“It’s OK, we’ll edit that out. We’ll get voiceover to add, ‘I love working with Tom Hanks’,” Fallon teases.

“My whole life is this: ‘Come on Woody’, ‘Watch out Woody’, ‘Woody, Woody come on Woody.’ Hanks goes on and on, a lot of Academy awards…”


Allen needn’t worry though. Buzz’s famous catchphrase, “To infinity… and beyond!” was named the nation’s favourite film quote in a Radio Times poll. It even trumped Michael Caine’s “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!” from The Italian Job. Woody can’t say that now, can he?