Love Actually gets the Honest Trailer treatment…

"This holiday season prepare for the ultimate romantic comedy, that's not very romantic, or funny, or relevant to the holiday season"

Brace yourself, Love Actually fans. Honest Trailers are about to pull down the tinsel, rip apart the nativity and RUIN your favourite Christmas film forever.


For those who’ve yet to have the pleasure, Honest Trailers recut the trailers of popular films to point out their flaws, and this time it’s the turn of Richard Curtis’s heartwarming tale of love lost and found. 

It’s “Pulp Fiction for girls,” says the trailer. “[A film] stuffed with eight different plot lines that are creepy and depressing when you actually stop to think about them.”

Creepy? Depressing? No, Love Actually is lovely! – we hear you cry. But we took their advice and we can see what they mean: man tries to seduce his friend’s wife, man seduces his non-English speaking housekeeper, man ruins marriage by buying a necklace for attractive colleague… Not exactly full of festive joy, is it? 

Forget love, this is “s*** actually”, concludes the trailer. 


We warned you. Christmas ruined: