Winter Wonderland: See incredible wildlife pictures from NatGeo Wild’s upcoming series

Next weekend watch the animals that have learned to survive in the snowy conditions of Japan, Russia, Scotland and the Arctic


Next weekend (December 6–7), NatGeo Wild is set to celebrate the start of the Christmas season with a weekend of cute cold-climate creatures. Winter Wonderland will whisk us off to frosty vistas from Russia and Japan to the Arctic and bonnie Scotland. 


In these snowy conditions, incredible animals have learned to survive in harsh climates, and some seem to utterly enjoy the experience (see the snow monkey above, who’s enjoying a massage in a hot pool). Meanwhile, Ewan McGregor will narrate Wild Scotland, taking us to the rural Hebrides with its dramatic views and winter storms. Here, grey seals try to protect their young from the elements, and puffins, eagles and basking sharks thrive in these pure landscapes.

Further north still, a group of polar bear specialists captures rare footage in Wild Arctic: Polar Bear. Global warming is threatening the ice bear’s habitat, and it’s up to these fluffy white creatures to find a way to survive. But is the world changing too fast?

Penguin lovers can tune into one of the most ambitious and controversial wildlife projects to date – a giant penguin enclosure at SeaWorld Orlando. In sunny Florida, the sea life centre is attempting to build a world that will simulate the nippy conditions of the Antarctic, with 45 feet high ice cliffs and 245 penguins. 

Watch Winter Wonderland next weekend between December 6–7 on Nat Geo Wild available on Sky, Virgin, and BT



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