Only The Young: Our X Factor fortunes might have been different if we’d had a sing-off

Louis Walsh has lost another act, but OTY think the ballad they planned for the sing-off might have saved them, as they admit, "We feel like we went out as a bit of a shock"


Only The Young are the second act of this X Factor series to be voted out during an extra Saturday night elimination. It’s all down to the public vote, with no sing-off, no fuss, the one with the lowest number of votes is simply sent home. It’s gutting for Only The Young’s Parisa, Mikey, Charlie and Betsy, who think a sing-off could have changed the result for them. 


“We would have loved to have a sing-off. We were really proud of our sing-off song. We wanted to do a slow ballad,” Mikey tells “We haven’t done that and I reckon, if we’d done that, it might have changed a lot of people’s opinions that we’re not always running around the stage and stuff.

“I think it might have been different if we’d had a sing-off. But that’s just me being confident in my band and that song. I feel like if we were in the bottom two and had a sing-off, we’d have done alright,” he adds. 

The band has clearly had a lot of say in what songs they sing, seen backstage helping with the arrangements. But should mentor Louis Walsh have let them sing a ballad earlier in the competition?

“Louis was very open. He always asked what we wanted to do. We were planning on, because of the two songs next week, doing a ballad and a more upbeat song. We were just a week too short unfortunately,” Mikey explains.

Shocked as they are, with Parisa admitting she sat backstage and cried watching Sunday night’s show go ahead without them, they’re in some ways pleased. 

“It’s good, we feel like we went out as a bit of a shock,” Parisa says. “The response we had online was just crazy. We feel like, in that sense, we’ll be remembered and not just kind of forgotten.”

The band has nothing but nice things to say about their mentor Louis too, denying that Walsh has given any extra attention to eight-piece boy band Stereo Kicks. 

“We would say if that was true, because we’d feel a bit upset if that was the case. But Louis was spot on. His time with both acts was perfect,” confirms Mikey. 

Now focussing on getting back to their album and releasing some music, the four-piece say their support of the remaining acts won’t end now that they’re out of the competition, with Charlie in particular having a strong friendship with Lauren Platt. 

“She was a little bit like our fifth member,” says Betsy joking they’d “love” to have her in the band. “She’s going to do really well. She’s going to blow up in the industry.”

And on lessons learnt, it seems Charlie will think twice about his choice of music when he’s feeling a bit blue. 

“I put my phone on shuffle [while I was packing to leave the house] and I was listening to Ed Sheeran crying. Putting all of my stuff in my bag like ‘aggghhh’.” Perhaps a replay of Stevi Ritchie getting covered in honey would have been better?


The X Factor continues next Saturday and Sunday on ITV