Bob Geldof has told you to delete and re-download Band Aid. But you can’t. Here’s what to do instead

“Even if you already have it, delete, download again,” said Sir Bob. Clearly he doesn't use iTunes much


Bob Geldof has called on supporters of the latest Band Aid single to delete and re-purchase it in order to raise more money for charity. There’s only one problem: they can’t.


Do They Know It’s Christmas has sold 312,000 digital copies since it was released on 17th November, making it the fastest selling single of 2014, but that’s not enough says Geldof.

Speaking to Radio 1, he claimed Band Aid 30 needed to “sell 300% more” than the original 1984 version of the charity single to make the same amount of money. That version sold for £3.50, but after three decades of inflation Band Aid 30 still only costs 99p. Although George Osbourne has waived VAT on the track, that’s still a massive shortfall. “That worries me,” admitted Geldof, before instructing listeners “Even if you already have it, delete, download again.”

The trouble is that iTunes allows users to delete and redownload their tracks for free, over and over again. Handy if you lose your phone or want to free up some storage space, but less helpful when you’re trying to give Geldof your ******* money.

The single is also on sale from Google Play (so that’s two copies you can buy) and iTunes does allow you to purchase more and digitally send them to your friends (or “gift” them to use the American verb) but really your friends should have bought it themselves anyway.


Things should get easier when the physical CD is released on Monday 8th December and you can buy great armfuls for £3.99 a copy. Until then you can just donate directly through the Band Aid website. Actually, yeah, do that. Right ******* now.

Donate online or text AID to:

70123 to donate £3  –  70060 to donate £5  –  70707 to donate £10