Black Mirror Christmas Special: new plot details and first pictures of Jon Hamm

The new episode of Charlie Brooker's satire co-stars Rafe Spall and Oona Chaplin and tells a chilling story about "blocking" people in real life - just as we do on Facebook and Twitter

Here are the first pictures of Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and co-stars Rafe Spall, Oona Chaplin and Janet Montgomery in this year’s Christmas special of Charlie Brooker’s Emmy Award-winning drama Black Mirror.


The man who plays Don Draper in the hit AMC series Mad Men will appear in all three of the story strands featured in the 90-minute special which Channel 4 has confirmed will air on Tuesday 16th December at 9pm.

Hamm will be joined by The Shadow Line star Rafe Spall and Game of Thrones’ Oona Chaplin in the one-off which C4 says is “the most mind-bending episode yet, showcasing three interwoven stories of Yuletide techno-paranoia”.

The broadcaster has also just revealed some tantalising details of the special’s plot:

“In a mysterious and remote snowy outpost, Matt (Jon Hamm) and Potter (Rafe Spall), share a Christmas meal together and swap creepy tales of their earlier lives in the outside world. Matt is a charismatic American trying to bring the reserved, secretive Potter out of his shell. Are both men who they appear to be?

“Along the way we see Jon Hamm offering an unusual form of romantic guidance to an inexperienced young man, watch Oona Chaplin thrust headlong into a nightmarish world of ‘smart’ gadgetry, and explore what might happen if you could ‘block’ people in real life, just as you can on Facebook or Twitter.

“All three stories are bound together into a suitably unsettling whole. Fans of eerie Christmas stories are in for a treat…”

The fact that there are three stories may explain why one futuristic-looking image of the Mad Men star….

…looks so different to this picture which appears to belong to a different time. (Or at least to a house with a very old-fashioned kitchen range).

Oona Chaplin’s character can also be seen in a swanky modern kitchen (what is it about this episode of Black Mirror and cooking spaces, we wonder?)

And here’s an image of Rafe Spall whose character Joe Potter can be seen in a beautiful snowy landscape…

…and another of him taking a romantic walk hand-in-hand with his on-screen girlfriend played by Janet Montgomery:

Brooker’s anthology series began life in 2011 and news of the show’s return for a one-off Yuletide special was broken by in August.



Black Mirror will air on Channel 4 on Tuesday December 16 at 9pm

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