Fleur East’s family to join her on stage for tonight’s X Factor performance

“It’s about women and celebrating that,” Fleur says as her sister, mum, auntie and more will take to the stage for her rendition of Whitney Houston’s I’m Every Woman


Tonight Fleur East’s family and friends really are pulling out all of the stops to support her X Factor performance, with many actually joining her on stage. 


“My sister, my mum, my cousins, my best friends, my auntie, everyone,” is going to be by her side for tonight’s performance of Whitney Houston’s I’m Every Woman, Fleur tells RadioTimes.com

“It’s going to be amazing.”

Also pretty scary, I suggest, swapping from the audience to the bright lights of the Wembley-based studio.

“They’re nervous, but they want to help me. They want to do it,” Fleur grins. 

They’ve not been faced with tonnes of choreography, Fleur says, revealing they’ll be “freestyling, doing their own thing”. 

“It’s just about women and celebrating that.”

“I hope they’re comfortable up there, because obviously they’re not performers,” says Fleur, as I ask whether she’s turned the tables and become a mentor herself to her family. 

“I’ve been like Mum, just give lots of attitude,” Fleur laughs. 

Of course, Fleur’s got the backing of her own mentor, Mr Simon Cowell, who after last week’s Big Band performance of her Judges’ Houses song Bang Bang said it’s the first time he’s really believed Fleur has the belief in herself that she can win. 

“As you get closer and closer, naturally you start to think, this could happen. I feel like it’s so close now. When I put my mind to something, I do want to go all the way. I would love to get to the final.”


The X Factor continues tonight and tomorrow at 8:00pm on ITV