Stevi Ritchie: Simon Cowell’s setting me up on a date with Sinitta

And if it does happen, The X Factor star will be taking Simon's pop star friend somewhere a little more upper class than Harvester

Stevi Ritchie says Simon Cowell has been playing matchmaker for him, offering to set the crooner up on five dates. Not just any dates either, Simon’s pop star buddy Sinitta may well get a night out with Mr Entertainer. 


The conversation turned to romance when Stevi and his mentor Simon were on that man-date at the Harvester. “It was like two geezers in a pub on a Saturday night before you go clubbing,” Stevi jokes to

“He said, ‘I’ll set you up on five dates’. It’s not happened yet, but to be fair, he’s been so great to me. For me, I’ve made a friend, not just a mentor and someone on a TV show. He makes me laugh and smile.”

But who are these mysterious ladies Simon is promising to send Stevi’s way?

“Apparently Sinitta was going to be one of them – and she’s a hot cougar in a way. She actually said to me last week, ‘When are we going to have this date, Stevi?’ and I went, ‘Oh, whenever you like.’ Then I said, ‘I’ll get your number’ and she said, ‘Make sure you do’.”

So would this fancy date be back at the Harvester? “Not Harvester. It’s going to have to be a bit more upper class, like an Italian or a steak. Everyone likes a bit of meat, don’t they?”

Celeb world’s hottest new couple? Watch this space. 


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