News reporter hit by flying skateboard during live broadcast

Australian Channel 7 reporter Mike Amor was doing a piece to camera when a wayward skateboard flew straight into the back of his head

In a career spanning 25 years, Australian Channel 7 reporter Mike Amor has covered war zones, earthquakes and plane crashes, so a trip to LA’s sunny Venice Beach to watch some skateboarding must have seemed like a pretty cushy gig.



In the middle of a report about the first real-life hoverboard (yes, really), Amor was smacked in the back of the head by a wayward skateboard that had become separated from its owner in mid-air. “Ah JEEZ!” he can be heard to exclaim (as you would), before assuring spectators “I’m good, I’m good”.

Amor is fine, and apparently was left with just a slight bruise on his head – which makes it perfectly acceptable for us to watch and enjoy the video below over and over again…