Lord Sugar v Piers Morgan: one nil after latest Apprentice quip

Lord Sugar’s got form when it comes to high-profile bickering, and tonight used his long-running feud with Piers Morgan to reprimand candidates who failed in a US-based task

Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan are often to be found tearing strips off of each other via Twitter. Whether it’s about the latest Spurs or Arsenal score, viewer ratings or comments on each other’s hair, the two have long enjoyed their war of words.


But tonight, Lord Sugar used his business-based reality show – The Apprentice – as a launch pad for his latest jibe to the broadcaster.

Having sent his candidates off to the Big Apple to bring a new soft drink to market, Sugar used the end of Piers Morgan’s series on US channel CNN – which was axed in February this year – as a way to reprimand the wannabe business partners for their failure:

“You showed your product to America. America doesn’t want it. You made the Piers Morgan of drinks. It’s as bad as that.”


Morgan is bound to respond. Perhaps he’ll even bust out the hash tag “#twittertaxiforalan” again, which he used when he mocked Sugar for having fewer Twitter followers than him. It’s a neat little jibe and has a nice Apprentice reference to the taxi of doom that arrives for fired candidates. 

It’s a playful feud. Yes, Morgan has said the only way Sugar will get on US television is if they do a documentary on yetis. Sure, Sugar tweeted US viewers to let them know Morgan wasn’t liked in the UK, joking he was going to warn the pilot what he’d let himself in for…

But the pair appear to play fair, even donating to charity when bets haven’t quite gone their way:

It was a good night all round for Lord Sugar banter, as the tenth series of The Apprentice reached its seventh week.

Of team Tenacity’s launch of a healthy drink labeled Aqua Fusion, Sugar said, “They say New York is the city that never sleeps… I think you actually sent them to sleep with this.”

Sugar also told the team, who went on to lose the task overall, that their ‘water splash’ design looked like Summit’s winning brand – energy drink ‘Big Dawg’ – had taken a leak on the bottle. “It looks a bit like what Big Dawg does up against a lamppost to be honest.”

Throwing in a final blow, “Dull, dull, dull.”

It didn’t take long for Morgan to respond:


The Apprentice continues Wednesdays at 9:00pm on BBC1