Edwina Currie: “Anyone letting the side down might get a tongue-lashing”

It doesn’t sound like the former Conservative MP is heading into the jungle to make friends...

Former Conservative MP Edwina Currie has been announced as one of two final campmates heading into the jungle, along with former X Factor contestant Jake Quickenden.


Edwina’s had a taste of reality TV before – a stint on Strictly Come Dancing – and is likely to stir things up among the current campers, who include sports star Carl Fogarty, broadcaster Michael Buerk and presenter Melanie Sykes. Don’t believe us? Here are her thoughts on joining the fourteenth series and dealing with her fellow jungle dwellers…

1. “If I hear someone talking complete b*******, then I will probably say so.”

2. “I am a Scouser and there is no such thing as a meek Scouser.”

3. “I will quite possibly tell them if they are annoying me too.”

4. “I will only get cross with those who don’t try.”

5. “If anyone is pulling a fast one or letting the side down, then they might get a tongue-lashing.”

(We bet Michael Buerk is feeling like this right now…)

However, Edwina doesn’t seem too concerned about winning the show, joking, “That would be gob-smacking. I would never live it down.”

The former politician is already anticipating missing her husband and is characteristically un-squeamish about the eating trials. She does have an Achilles heel though:

“What does worry me are the bugs like mosquitoes. They always find me and they eat me… actually, eating them will feel like revenge.”


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV