Doctor Who: Santa won’t be “evil” in the Christmas special

Never fear, festive fans - Nick Frost's Father Christmas is not the baddie, according to Steven Moffat


The Children in Need preview of the Doctor Who Christmas special gave us all a much-needed glimpse of this year’s festive fun – but also suggested a divide between Father Christmas (Nick Frost) and the Doctor (Peter Capaldi).


Unsmiling, the two men exchange cryptic remarks about “what’s at stake”, with Kris Kringle suggesting the Doctor would be “glad of his help when the time came”, and the Time Lord firing back some sharp, tangerine-themed words.

So, is Santa the baddie? Could the face of Christmas really be the monster under the bed? Never fear – according to Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, Santa will be his usual jolly red self this Christmas.

“Santa could never be evil, for heaven’s sake!” he said at a series eight DVD panel this week. “Santa is both real and a Christmas hero.”

“No no, don’t worry any parents who were worried about that. Santa is presented, as he is in real life, as a great Christmas hero.” Phew – festive cheer is saved!

However, in a surprising twist Moffat then suggested that Nick Frost’s casting as Father Christmas was down to more than the actor’s sterling work in Shaun of the Dead and Cuban Fury… 

“He actually is the real Santa,” Moffat asserted to a stunned audience, who quickly began redrafting their own letters to Father Christmas to include Hot Fuzz references. “He’s been faking it up until now. For the first time he’s allowing the natural colour of his beard to show through.”

A shocking reveal from the Doctor Who head honcho that is sure to send shockwaves throughout the carrot-leaving community – but, as Moffat pointed out, we should have realised that this Nick and Saint Nick were linked by more than a casting call.

He said: “You could figure it out, you know, Nick Frost, Nicholas Frost – you see?”

Compelling evidence. Here’s hoping Santa can fit this year’s gift run around all the Doctor Who press conferences…


The Doctor Who series eight DVD will be released on the 24th of November