Peter Capaldi tells his version of getting knocked out by Brian Blessed

The Doctor Who actor was accidentally punched by his co-star during filming on BBC series The History of Tom Jones

Back in October Brian Blessed opened his treasure trove of anecdotes and shared a time-bendingly good gem, telling how he’d punched and knocked out Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi whilst on the set of The History of Tom Jones, a 1997 BBC series. And being Brian Blessed, he did so in typically dramatic style…


“He went flat on his back, his legs went up in the air, his arms went up, and I thought, ‘He’s in the death rattle!’ I shouted, ‘He’s down! I think he’s dying!’”

Suffice to say, Capaldi didn’t snuff it – but getting caught by a Blessed left hook did see him taken to hospital in an ambulance, an experience recalled by the current Doctor during a fundraising event held by the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard yesterday afternoon. 

“I got punched in the head by Brian Blessed,” he told host Mark Gatiss. “I have a scar under my eye and stitches.

“I woke up on the floor and couldn’t believe that I’d been punched. And these two ambulance guys were standing above [and I thought], ‘they weren’t in the scene’?

“I came round but what they didn’t know was I wasn’t wearing a wig – I had very, very lovely hair – and I heard the ambulance guys going ‘get his wig off!’ ‘It’s my own hair,’ I said.”


So, not only did Capaldi receive a nasty blow – he also nearly lost his luscious locks in the process. And that really would have been a crying shame…