More people watched Pointless than England’s Euro qualifier against Slovenia

Average TV audiences were higher for Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman than they were for Wayne Rooney's 100th England cap

England didn’t leave Wembley pointless on Saturday night, but they might be surprised to learn that there were more people watching Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman’s quiz than there were following Wayne Rooney’s 100th match for England.


An average of 4.56 million tuned in to watch England vs Slovenia on ITV. On the other side, Pointless scored an average of 4.99 million.

Those figures are the averages for across both broadcasts, but the peak viewing figures also make for interesting comparisons.

Pointless hit a high of 7.26 million people on Saturday evening, with many catching the end of the BBC1 quiz ahead of Strictly Come Dancing. England’s Euro qualifier meanwhile peaked at 6.3 million, according to information supplied by UK TV Ratings.

However, it is also true that for much of the 90 minutes of the match itself England were nudging ahead of Pointless. When the match ended at 6.50pm, the numbers following England on TV dropped from around 6.1 million to 3.9 million.


Pointless meanwhile jumped from a respectable 5.2 million to a classy 6.2 million around the same time, as viewers geared up to watch Strictly Come Dancing’s Blackpool special.