Jeremy Clarkson: My phone was hacked to post “obscene” tweet sign about a “slope”

Top Gear presenter denies that he tweeted a picture of a sign bearing the words “'entrance to slope” – a reference to his controversial use of the term - and claims he was hacked

Jeremy Clarkson has denied posting a photograph of a sign with the words “’entrance to slope’” written on it.


The Top Gear presenter, who was accused of using the racially offensive term “slope” to describe an Asian man while filming the programme earlier this year, denied composing the tweet which appeared on his account yesterday.

The photograph, which has since been deleted, appeared on the presenter’s Twitter feed accompanied with the caption: “This is just obscene”. 

Clarkson then took that tweet down and added:

Clarkson then suggested someone had hacked into his phone, writing:

The presenter then assured his followers that he was back in charge of his Twitter account:

In July, Clarkson was found to have breached Ofcom rules by using the word “slope” in a Burma Special edition of the show broadcast on BBC2 in March.

It was one of a number of controversial incidents involving Clarkson over the past year.

These include the emergence in May of footage which appeared to show him muttering the N-word while reciting the children’s nursery rhyme “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” during a recording of BBC2’s Top Gear two year’s previously.


As reported yesterday, BBC director-general Tony Hall said that the Corporation took that incident “very seriously”.