X Factor’s most dramatic deadlocks

When the judges fail to come to a majority decision, the vote heads to a deadlock – after a good bit of you-have-to-make-a-decision yelling from host Dermot O’Leary


X Factor deadlocks, which occur when the judges have failed to reach a majority vote and it goes back to the original public result, are tense for the judges. They’re tense for the acts. They’re tense for poor host Dermot O’Leary who has to get all mad and shouty with his you-have-to-make-a-decision bit. And, well, they’re pretty long for us at home.


So. Much. Waiting.

So much of this…

So much of this…

But while they seem quite long this year, as the judges seem genuinely unable to decide between the performers (I mean, Jay James vs Paul Akister!? Come on people!) they’ve a while to go before they top these dramatic deadlock moments…

2012 Ella Henderson vs James Arthur 

Oof Tulisa gets mad. These-two-should-be-finalists mad.

2012 Rylan Clarke vs Carolynne Poole

Aka the time Gary Barlow stormed off in an oh-so-dramatic rage.


2007 Kimberley Southwick vs Alisha Bennett

Sharon Osbourne gets so mad she quits the show live on air.


2010: Katie Waissel vs Treyc Cohen

Cheryl refuses to vote, at which point Dermot reminds her, “This is part of the role”. 


2010: Katie Waissel vs Aiden Grimshaw

Dermot’s not afraid to tell the boss off. “Simon. SIMON. Anything? Simon, what are you thinking? Tell us. I’ve got to push you, this is the business end.” 


2013: Shelley Smith vs Kingsland Road

Even smooching takes up time on the X Factor with Sharon Osbourne doing all she could to keep her act in the competition.