Sherlock’s Lara Pulver is getting married

Naked dominatrix Irene Adler might have seduced Sherlock, but actress Lara Pulver's heart is elsewhere, as she is planning a Christmas wedding with Homeland star Raza Jaffrey


Even Sherlock couldn’t quite resist the charms of the seductive, dangerous Irene Adler, but actress Lara Pulver only has eyes for one man: Homeland star Raza Jaffrey.


The 34-year-old whip-smart actress is getting married to British actor Jaffrey, 39, and the couple are planning a Christmas wedding in the UK before they return to their home in Los Angeles.

Jaffrey, who plays Pakistani intelligence officer Aasar Khan in Homeland, bashfully revealed the news to the Evening Standard, saying, “Lara is such a fantastic girl, she really is, and we… we… we are really excited about getting married this year.”

Pulver’s scintillating turn as a high-class dominatrix alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman remains one of Sherlock’s dramatic highlights, and the character even made a brief – and bare – return in the most recent series three.

“She’s a wonderful actress,” Jaffrey said of his wife-to-be. “But even if she wasn’t I’d still be getting married.”

And after the news that Sherlock rakes in more money for London than even Harry Potter, Jaffrey said that Pulver and he miss being in the capital when they’re out in LA.

“I miss London on nights in June or in October,” he said. “Something Lara and I tend to do each time we get back to London is take that walk across Waterloo Bridge and along the Thames, out east as far as we can go before we get tired. It reminds you of where you are and how great the city is.”