Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

17-21 November: what does Sienna have in store for her captive? Lindsey gets an unwanted birth partner


Monday 17 November


Sienna takes her hostage to an abandoned building, but what’s she got in store for her captive? Freddie decides he wants full custody if he’s the father of Lindsey’s baby and Grace learns a heartbreaking truth.

Tuesday 18 November

Sienna and Patrick cover their tracks, but who will suffer the consequences? Dennis gets news of Blessing, while Blessing hits the jackpot when she discovers her stolen loot. Grace wants the ultimate revenge and Lindsey goes into labour.

Wednesday 19 November

Lindsey’s stuck with an unwanted birth partner but will a new bond form between the pair?  With Trevor on the hunt for his lost stash, is Blessing in danger?  Someone plans to leave the village forever when the rest of their family turn against them. 

Thursday 20 November

Dennis and Trevor are in a race to reach Blessing first…but does she want to be found? Someone catches Freddie and Lindsey in a compromising position – is their life in danger as a result? 

Friday 21 November


After last night’s tragedy, someone is desperate to cover his tracks, while the victim’s family are unaware of their loved one’s ordeal. Blessing has a plan to frame Trevor but Dennis is determined they’ll get their happy ever after.