Here’s what happened when Ben Miller pretended to be Ben Stiller…

Death in Paradise star Miller reveals that he lived it up in Stiller’s luxury suite after he was mistaken for the Night at the Museum and Zoolander actor at the French film festival


Ben Miller has revealed that he was once mistaken for his near-namesake Ben Stiller when arriving at the Cannes Film Festival – and was treated to the life of a Hollywood superstar for three days after failing to correct the error.


In the kind of freak occurrence that Miller’s World War II RAF pilot in The Armstrong and Miller Show would describe as “bare lush”, the actor lived in Stiller’s lavish suite during a stay in the French coastal town, inviting round friends and enjoying the five-star hospitality.

The hilarious story is revealed in Alan Davies’ chat show for the UKTV channel Dave in an episode due to air in January. Davies told the anecdote at a recent showcase for potential advertisers in London.

He said that Miller was “shown into Ben Stiller’s suite which had a lavish smorgasbord of culinary delights from around the world and mountains of champagne and all that, realised the mistake and invited all his friends that were there and stayed in the suite for three days.” Davies did not specify which year the incident took place.

The story was met with laughter from the audience of advertisers at Old Billingsgate in the City of London – something which Davies affected to be shocked by.

“I suppose it is one in the eye for the Yanks” said Davies, the stand-up comedian and star of long-running BBC crime caper Jonathan Creek.

However, the story had a happy ending for both Stiller and Miller…

“When Ben Stiller eventually turned up, the hotel were too embarrassed to throw Ben Miller out,” revealed Davies.


Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled returns in January on Dave