Doctor Who: “Nobody likes the tangerines” says the Doctor as he meets Father Christmas

Watch Clara and the Doctor come face-to-face with Nick Frost's Father Christmas in a scene from the Doctor Who Christmas special shown on tonight's Children in Need


Tonight the Doctor came face-to-face with Father Christmas in an exclusive clip from the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special shown as part of tonight’s Children in Need telethon on BBC1.


In the teaser clip, the Doctor became the first person in history to upstage Saint Nick on a rooftop – or at least that is how Santa’s sardonic elves (they were elves, right?) seemed to see it.

In the scene, which seems to pose more questions than answers, Clara first encounters Nick Frost’s Father Christmas on a snowy roof, with the man in red noting that she stopped believing in him when she was nine.

With superb timing he wonders whether she did in fact stop believing in fairy tales when the whoosh of the TARDIS heralds the arrival of the Doctor – who seems to have a bit of previous with the fella with the white beard.

“I know what this is, I know what’s happening and I know what’s at stake,” says the Doctor.

“I don’t think you do Doctor, but I promise that before this Christmas Day is done you will be glad of my help… Be sure to save some room for a tangerine Doctor.”

The Doctor, who had already bidden him an insultingly unseasonal “Happy Easter”, signs off with the killer put-down: “Nobody likes the tangerines”.

What can it all mean?

Check it out here…